We manufacture products in India with .yogamalai. We are committed to fair trade principles and provide living wages for the people that hand craft our products. A fair price is paid for every item and we promote the welfare of our workers. In return for their fantastic highest quality work and dedication, we pay them well. There is no factory and no boss paying them poor rates in bad working conditions and taking all the profit. By buying a .yogamalai. product, you are directly supporting families we know.

We are very proud of our .yogamalai. yoga mat bags, now available in 100% Indian cotton with quality woven elephant border, as well as the original water-resistant mat bags which got the whole thing started. Now we not only have yoga mat bags but have found people to make bolsters, bolster covers, and handbags too. They also source and buy silver jewellery, incense holders, meditation aids and other growing list of fantastic, fun and functional products from local people.


We supply these products wholesale too. For more information about wholesale prices, please contact